Sunday Energy #8

Before we get into anything, as you’ve probably heard Haiti has experienced yet another devastating earthquake. If you have the means, here are some places that are not the Red Cross to consider donating to in support of survivors:

  1. Fonkoze, an organization dedicated to empowering Haitians with the tools to break the cycle of poverty. You can donate here and more info is here.

  2. Hope for Haiti, an organization working to reduce poverty in Haiti, currently focused on earthquake relief. You can donate here and more info is here.

  3. Haiti Communitere, a Port-au-Prince-based organization, offers support to local community-based organizations. You can donate here and more info is here.

And here is a link to a spreadsheet with more on-the-ground organizations to consider supporting.

I’m making this Sunday Energy post available to all of my subscribers and not just paid subscribers as usual so more people see this — if you know of any other orgs or any other ways to support Haiti, please let me know so I can share more widely.

The world is a really scary, confusing, painful place these days… sometimes it’s hard to even think about rest or relaxation or meditation when there is just so much pain and ugliness in the world. I know it’s important to push against the feeling of just wallowing and giving up, because we need each other to fight for each other now more than ever. You know?

Some other things I’m thinking about/meditating on this Sunday:

  1. I want more passion, more desire, more tenderness, more intention, more more more

  2. Thinking about this graf from a piece by Jason England, thinking about “abstract renaissance” and how the success of a few Black people is not tantamount to systemic change, and how I shouldn’t romanticize my own success without considering what I can ultimately offer to our collective liberation.

As always, I hope this is what your Sunday is giving.

to watch

This Phyllis Hyman interview from 1989, so good

to read

This NPR article that outlines why the Red Cross is shady af.

I just finished reading Ashley C. Ford’s Somebody’s Daughter which was absolutely stunning.

My friend Fariha Roisin’s debut novel Like a Bird was just released in paperback, I’ve read it twice now and each time is a beautiful journey.

to listen

I’ve been listening to Frequency music every morning as I shower to start my day, I don’t know the intricacies of this stuff but it definitely has me feeling calmer and more grounded, give it a try and see how you feel:

Also, two weeks ago I was interviewed on The Cut Podcast about misogynoir, being a Black woman on the internet, and my forthcoming book of essays Carefree Black Girls:

and finally, some Sunday energy