on rest in the wake of Black death
new self-commitment, new cadences, new moon in Aquarius feels
Last year, I discovered a lot of things about myself as a writer. I learned that the perfect storm of depression, ADHD, anxiety, imposter syndrome and…
there's something to be said for patience and self-compassion

December 2022

On 'Station Eleven,' the end of the year, grief, and art at the end of the world
This Sunday I don’t have much to say, I’m hungover and sleepy so I’m going to post my suggestions below and then go dream in bed for the rest of the…

November 2022

dreams and nostalgia
First I’ll tell you about some things that have happened in the last several weeks, all disparate yet connected: During a recent depressive episode, my…

October 2022

on the yeezy show

September 2022

of a world with no Blackness

August 2022

on Crystal LaBeija, Waiting to Exhale, The Bear, Grace Jones, and expressing rage

May 2022

in a hellscape